3D simulation before and after

Dr. Letertre uses advanced 3D technology that is modeling your bust, then show you the result of the different simulations from a selected implant.


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Plastic surgery of the nose

Rhinoplasty can be performed under design or functional.

The ultimate goal is a natural and harmonious result and a satisfactory respiratory function.


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Pictures before and after

Explore our site photos before and after interventions

performes by Doctor Letertre through a gallery


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Dr. Letertre, plastic surgeon in Nice

Welcome to the website of Doctor Letertre.

You will find here professional information and advice on cosmetic, reconstructive surgery ans aesthetic medicine


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Cosmetic Surgery in Nice

You will find on the website of Dr Letertre, cosmetic surgeon in Nice, all information about cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.


You will also find all tariffs, a gallery "before and after" and some illustrative videos.


Enjoy your visit!


* Some corrective surgery may be supported by Social Security, under certain conditions.

Cervical lift from 5000€ to 8000€
Tempoprary lift from 4000€ to 6000€
Laser lift from 400€ to 1500€
Lipofilling lift from 2500€ to 3500€
Classic upper eyelids from 2700€
Classic lower eyelids from 2000€ to 2900€
Classic upper & lower eyelids from 3200€ to 4000€
Lower eyelids laser from 500€
Rhinoplasty from 4800€
Tip Rhinoplasty from 2800€ to 3500€
Genioplasty, receding chins from 2800€ to 3600€
Genioplasty, chin excess from 2800€ to 3600€
Protruding ears* from 1500€ to 2100€
Hair transplant from 2900€
Mammary augmentation by prosthesis from 5200€
Mammary augmentation by lipofilling from 7500€
Mammary reduction* from 2000€ to 3600€
Breast lift from 4000€ to 5500€
Depending on several factors from 1500€ to 5500€
Increase by buttock implants from 12000€
Increase by lipofilling from 9500€
Reducing the volume of buttocks from 2000€ to 3600€
Buttocks lift from 3500€ to 5200€
Abdominoplasty* from 5900€
Thighs plasty* from 3500€ to 5100€
Arm plasty* from 3500€ to 5100€
Reduction Nymphoplasty* from 1500€ to 3200€
Vaginoplasty by lipofilling from 3000€ to 4500€
Hymen repair from 1600€ to 2100€
Lengthen your penis from 3200€ to 4500€
Enlarge your penis from 3200€ to 4200€
Lengthen and enlarge your penis from 4200€ to 5600€
Testicular lift from 3000€ to 4500€
Adult circumcision from 1000€ to 2000€
Botox injection from 350€
Injection of hyaluronic acid from 350€
Peeling soft from 100€
Mesolift from 130€


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The commitments of Doctor Letertre and Villa la Tour Clinic

This site created for informational purposes is opened to anyone seeking information or answers to questions of plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive surgery, and aesthetic medicine.


Dr. Letertre is a plastic surgeon practicing a professional activity within Villa la Tour Clinic, accredited institution in plastic surgery by health agencies. He handles himself all services, from consultation to operation and its monitoring at medium and long term.

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