Aesthetic medicine of skin beautify one’s skin with lasers

There is not a single laser but there are different ones, each allowing to process a specific area.

What are the actions of the different lasers?

Modern technologies now offer you a range of effective solutions to treat your skin:

  • Laser for hair removal
  • Laser for scars and acne
  • Laser for spider veins, vascular tasks, rosacea, angiomas
  • Laser against pigment and, age spots, melasma
  • Laser to erase tattoos
  • Laser Anti-Wrinkle
  • Laser against stretch marks


Laser for hair removal

The traditional hair removal techniques such as shaving or waxing are only temporary. Electrolysis requires several years of painful treatment but nevertheless decreases hair growth. Allergic reactions or folliculitis are common side effects of these hair removal methods.

Laser hair removal destroys the hair root through the invisible light beam passing through the skin without damaging it.

It takes several sessions to achieve permanent hair removal with Laser and they vary depending on hair color and location.

All areas of the body and all skin types can be treated, without pain or side effects.

Laser treatment for scars and acne

There are different types of acne scars: depressed scars, mainly red, pigmented ... that will each apply for a different laser treatment.

The lasers used in the treatment of acne scars are called "non-ablative" or "remodeling": they do not damage the surface of the skin.


There are also lasers to treat acne that attack directly the pathology. Heat will destroy the bacteria that cause acne breakouts.

The treatment is on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to immediately resume his business or leisure.

Laser for spider veins, vascular lesions, rosacea, angiomas

They remove in several sessions "red" lesions of the skin such as rosacea, erythrose, or angiomas, also called "wine stains".

The sessions are not very painful.

Different types of vascular lasers are used; the choice depends on how long was the waiting period.

Pigmented lesions, age spots, melasma

Pigmented lesions of the skin regroup different types and cannot all be treated by laser as for example moles.

An accurate diagnosis must therefore be asked to only treat those lesions for which the laser is actually indicated.

The principle of laser treatment of a pigmented lesion is to concentrate the light on a pigment to fragment it. The debris are then absorbed and eliminated naturally by the cells ensuring the purification of the body.

+ Is the treatment permanent?

Some pigmented lesions are likely to relapse. This depends on the mechanism of melanin production of the skin lesion.
Your surgeon may suggest a treatment to test and study on a small area the possible recurrence.


Laser to remove tattoos

They allow you to remove tattoos without mark or scar on the skin. Several sessions are required depending on the number and intensity of colors and tattoo will disappear progressively.

Laser Anti-Wrinkles

The rejuvenation lasers improve wrinkles but several sessions with intervals of several weeks are necessary to obtain a lasting result on several years. The choice of laser depends on the importance of wrinkles.

The choice of laser depends on the importance of wrinkles.

Laser against stretch marks

Today the fractionated CO2 laser allows treating effectively stretch marks with much lighter after-effects and a less painful intervention.
A local anesthetic cream for very sensitive people may eventually be applied.

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