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Today's society asks the woman to be demanding with her image and versatile on all points. Cosmetic surgery comes to give answers to improve the sought quality of life and well-being of all. We are in a visual era where breasts play a role in communication and each of you is now able to have the breasts of your dreams .Thanks to the advances made by the entire medical profession each year.

What are the motivations for mammary augmentation ?

By nature all breasts vary in size and shape according to women but also because of several factors such as pregnancy, weight loss or simply passage of time.

The breasts, female language asset, are not always sufficiently appreciated or highlighted and you want to give them more volume in order to express your femininity. It is also possible that the shape of your breasts does not suit you, it falls and the areolas are too low, you want to lift it (case of ptosis).
In some women, breasts may become a major complex, an anxiety both physical and psychological that will influence their daily lives, their privacy and their image.

Whatever your motivations are, this is a personal decision that requires taking the time to learn about the different possibilities and the consequences of the appropriate response.

What are the objectives of cosmetic surgery ?

Constant evolving techniques allow surgeons to respond each time in more accurate and personal ways to the patient expectations. Breast implants pre-filled with silicone gel have been proven effective for over 40 years, giving new breasts a completely natural consistency and improving their shape and their volume.

If your goal remains realistic, cosmetic surgery will bring you satisfaction and well-being with your breast.

Implants or mammary prosthesis

Mammary prosthesis have evolved a lot over these last 20 years, always aiming for the best for patient satisfaction and respect of the body. They are more reliable by reducing the risk of capsules, of wear-out and envelope breakage, while offering a range of increasingly large volumes and shapes to meet the desires in the best possible way.

+ Composition of prosthesis ?

A prosthesis is composed of a silicone rubber outer shell, flexible and solid at the same time, which may contain three types of products: silicone gel, salt water liquid (saline) or hydrogel.
These are the three fillers currently approved in France.

The Implants used by your surgeon are subject to very specific standards which ensure you of their quality: CE mark+ AFSSAPS authorization (French Health Products Safety Agency).

+ What are the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of breast implants ?

Silicone gel gives a quite natural result with breasts, and because it is cohesive, it involves no risk of spreading if the shell is to rupture.

Saline, is a familiar liquid to the human body (which is 70% salt water) and goes away easily if the envelope breaks. However it does not offer the same natural result, sometimes with folds visible to the eye or noticeable to the touch.

Hydrogel is also easily absorbable by the human body and gives a more natural result than saline.

Implants shapes and volumes are increasingly varied and anatomical, allowing you to get ideally closer to your desires.

+ What is the lifespan of breast implants ?

Implants are henceforth guaranteed for life by the laboratories.

What happens during the surgery ?

You will see an anesthesiologist during a consultation and you will be prescribed steps to follow before surgery.

It may be useful to check the breast imaging (mammography, ultrasound).
Contrary to some misconceptions, mammary prosthesis do not make impossible breastfeeding and do not promote the development of breast cancer.

+ What is the type of anesthesia ?

Light general anesthesia is usually performed.

+ Where is the incision ?

Breast prosthesis are inserted through a small incision in three ways: in the crease of the breast, armpit or on the areola.

+ What is the location of your breast prosthesis ?

  • Two positions are possible with each of the three incisions :
  • The prosthesis will be placed directly behind the gland, between the muscle and breast tissue
  • The prosthesis will be placed below the pectoral muscles.

All necessary information will have been given to you and the decision will be thought and taken with your surgeon.

+ What are the additional procedures in the case of breast ptosis?

What does the term "ptosis" mean? It is used when a breast falls and the areolas are situated in a lower position.

If the ptosis degree is moderate, the implant intervention will shape itself your breast.
In the case of a more important ptosis, it is better to pull up your breasts and remove excess skin. An additional result of this procedure will be a larger scar around the areola.

What are the postoperative courses ?

Usually you leave the Hospital the same day, with a "modeling" bandage adapted to your breasts.

Sometimes it may be beneficial to place a small Redon drain to evacuate the secretions that may accumulate around the prosthesis.
During the first days, your breasts may be sore and tight, with the appearance of ecchymosis (bruises) and edema (swelling), especially if the implant was inserted behind the pectoral muscles.
In this case you will be prescribed an analgesic treatment depending on pain felt.
The recovery time varies from five to ten days and during this period it will be convenient to stop your activities.
Sport and great efforts are not recommended during the first 6 weeks, and a suitable bra will be recommended to you.

What is the expected result of a mammary augmentation ?

Although the volume increase is immediate, you should wait between two to three months to enjoy your new breasts, almost natural and soft.

Scars, discreet, do not cause discomfort.

Breast enlargement brings in most cases an improvement both physical and psychological.

+ Does this result remain constant ?

Breast size is maintained over time, but as well as all natural breasts, aging effect will also be felt over time.

+ Is this result guaranteed ?

In some patients, some imperfections can be observed, but this is uncommon: asymmetry, too stiff and unnatural breasts or a ptosis worsening.

It will be possible to touch up these imperfections.

What are the possible complications ?

Although the postoperative course after a breast augmentation is mostly simple, it is necessary to know the possible complications. Although good security practices limit considerably serious risks, they do not suppress them.

+ What are the specific risks of the surgery ?

During the consultations with your surgeon all the possible complications will be detailed to you.

To inform you previously, here are the possible risks :

  • Hematoma : if heavy bleeding occurs, the blood should be evacuated and the hematoma stopped at its origine.
  • Unfavorable evolution of the scars : it will require a special treatment.
  • Infection : it is fortunately rare but may require further surgery and removal of the prosthesis.
  • Pneumothorax : it will require special treatment and is very rare.
  • Alteration of nipple sensitivity :: it is almost routine and gradually recovers in a few months.

+ What are the risks specific to breast implants ?

The new generation implants in silicone gel, more cohesive, let reduce visible imperfections but do not eliminate them.

  • Here are possible imperfections and failures to know :
  • Appearance of « waves » : Sometimes the flexible envelope of the implant has a visible or palpable appearance of "waves".
  • Formation of « fibrous capsules » : To defend against a foreign-body, our body naturally forms a "peri-prosthetic capsule." This membrane, normally invisible, may be detectable by thickening and becoming fibrous. Surgery can correct this complication.
  • Rupture and deflation : Sometimes, in exceptional cases, usually as the result of violent trauma, the implant ruptures or deflates. In this case, it will be necessary to change it.

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