Aesthetic medicine of wrinkles fill wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally present substance in the dermis which can effectively treat wrinkles and restore facial volume .

Hyaluronic acid and wrinkles treatment

Hyaluronic acid, found in large quantities in young skin, hydrate the tissues. Aging gradually destroys this hyaluronic acid and the skin dries, then fine lines and wrinkles appear ...


With an injection of hyaluronic acid, your wrinkles are filled in and the volumes of your face are restored.


Injected under a wrinkle it plumps the tissues and gives the skin its smooth, natural and tighten aspect . Blemishes and wrinkles can be corrected. Hyaluronic acid is not an allergenic substance and is absorbed completely by the body.

What are the areas that can be treated ?

The injection areas cover :

  • Wrinkles, mild and large, the frown lines,
  • the crow's feet wrinkles,
  • peribucal wrinkles and lips (local anesthesia),
  • cheekbones, under the eyes dark circles and hollows,
  • the nasolabial folds,
  • nose, chin.


What happens during the treatment with hyaluronic acid ?

Your surgeon injects hyaluronic acid to you in the form of a transparent gel in the treatment area using a thin needle. This injection is virtually painless.
The resumption of normal activities is possible the same day.

+ What type of anesthesia ?

The injections are not painful but it is possible to carry out a little local anesthesia, especially before treating the lip contour.

+ How long is the treatment ?

It only lasts a few minutes.

What is the expected result ? Is It immediate ? Permanent ?

The aesthetic results are immediate and very natural on wrinkles.
The effect lasts between nine and 12 months depending on the injected areas but the re-injection is possible after effect of the injection ends.

What are the possible complications ?

Redness, slight swelling or bruising can sometimes appear on the injected area. These troubles last about 48 hours and are easily hidden.

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