Buttock cosmetic surgery augmentation of buttocks with fat injection

The increased volume of buttocks is a passing fad that comes from South America, particularly from Brazil. This phenomenon has been internationalized and is becoming increasingly important.

Buttock augmentation with fat injection

This technique is well known to remodel body areas : lipofilling or Coleman lipostructure

To increase buttocks, the amount of fat needed is significant, requiring careful control of this technique. Indeed, the fat removed shall be of good quality containing only ideal particles.

What are the objectives of cosmetic surgery d?

Take the fat where it is in excess (mainly in the abdomen, hips or saddlebags) and carefully reinject it into the desired part of the buttocks.

The skin quality is improved through the contribution of fat cells purged of their impurities.

  • This procedure has three advantages :
  • It allows the increase in volume, without foreign body.
  • It improves the quality of the skin in the injection area.
  • It also treats excess and inharmonious fat localized in the collection zone.

What happens during the surgery ?

First your surgeon will practice a Liposuction on the selected area.
To suction only the best quality fat without damaging it, he uses a special and very thin capsule.
This process is slow and very meticulous.
Then, through tiny incisions, he injects small amounts of your fat in hundreds of different levels of the desired part of the buttocks.
Because this is a real living cell transplantation, the survival of adipocytes is therefore final.
It is the thoroughness of this technique which gives the natural shape and feel to the buttocks.
This work requires a team of 3 to 5 people and several working hours.

+ What is the type of anesthesia ?

According to the case, anesthesia may be local, deep if administered intravenously by tranquilizers or general.
This decision will be the subject of a discussion between you and your surgeon during a consultation. .

+ And the scar ?

Resulting from the incision, it remains almost invisible.

What are the postoperative courses ?

The average hospital stay is 2 days.
You must wait a few days for the seated position.
The post-operative pain is generally minimal.
Bruising (bruises) and an edema (swelling) appear on the treated areas.
It will take three months minimum to go back to practicing a sport where your buttocks muscles have to work, and three weeks for a normal daily activity.

What is the expected result ?

Your figure has become more harmonious with a new round shape of buttocks.
The result begins to appear within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery but can definitely be appreciated after 3 to 6 months.
Your new buttocks will then look quite natural because it is your own fat.
Through time, the result will deteriorate gradually, due to the natural aging of these tissues.

What are the possible complications ?

Following any operation whatsoever , certain complications can occur, the first ones related to the medical activity and the others to anesthesia.

Although possible complications only represent a small percentage, it is necessary to know them.

+ What are the specific risks of anesthesia ?

During your obligatory talk with the anesthetist, he will inform you in detail of the risks of anesthesia.

It is useful to know besides that during the last twenty years, the risks have not been eradicated but remain almost insignificant.

+ What are the specific risks of the surgery ?

During the consultations with your surgeon all the possible complications will be detailed to you. They are much less than with buttocks implants because there is no foreign body.

  • To inform you in advance, here are the possible risks :
  • An infection : which may require antibiotic treatment.
  • An asymmetry : which may require a touch up.

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