Buttocks cosmetic surgery buttocks augmentation with macrolane

The increased volume of buttocks is a passing fad that comes from South America, particularly from Brazil. This phenomenon has been internationalized and is becoming increasingly important.

What are the motivations for buttocks augmentation ?

Whether you are a woman or a man, many of you may find their buttocks underdeveloped, too flat or drooping and wish to have fuller,rounder or curved buttocks.

Three possible surgeries

Three techniques are used today to increase buttocks :

  • Buttock implants or prostheses
  • Lipofilling or fat injection
  • Macrolane or hyaluronic acid injection

Macrolane or hyaluronic acid injection (aesthetic medicine)

Macrolane is the ideal non-surgical solution to restore the curves and volume of your flat buttocks. It prevents the use of a prosthesis, which is a foreign body. Moreover, the result is very natural to the eye and touch.

The buttock augmentation by Macrolane is an intervention of aesthetic medicine. You will find all our information in our section "Aesthetic Medicine > Macrolane"

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