Aesthetic medicine of silhouette restore volumes with macrolane

The possibility of increasing buttocks and breasts without resorting to implants but also to restore volumes and unsightly body hollows.

Macrolane : what is it ?

Macrolane ™ is a nontoxic, natural and biodegradable gel.
It is based on hyaluronic acid, similar to the one produced by our own body.
It helps give volume instantaneously, naturally and is customized to the body, for both men and women.
Macrolane is thus one of the alternatives for buttock implants and breast prosthesis.
However, It is not indicated for the treatment of the face.

What are the action areas of Macrolane ?

Macrolane ™ is used to :

  • Correct folds or waves of breast implants,
  • Correct irregularities in the contour of natural breasts,
  • Increase moderately breasts without implants (60 to 110gr),
  • Shape flat buttocks, give them roundness,
  • Fill depressions, scars …
  • Restore lines and harmonious volumes to your body.

Macrolane treatment

+ What happens during treatment ?

Injection of hyaluronic acid / Macrolane is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and usually lasts 1 hour.
The product is injected using a syringe with a thin needle into the area you want to be treated.
The amount of product injected varies according to the wishes of each patient.
Some bruising may appear after the intervention, but disappear in two or three days.
Avoid sitting too often during the first days after surgery.
You resume your normal daily activities.

+ What is the expected result ? Is it permanent ?

Macrolane changes the volumes into injected areas almost instantaneously. The result is natural and adapts perfectly to your morphology.
Being naturally biodegradable, the result is not permanent.
The effect lasts about 2 years but an annual treatment session is recommended to maintain the results.
Far less invasive than surgery, Macrolane injection is painless and doesn’t require scars.

+ What are the contraindications ?

Injection of Macrolane is contraindicated for autoimmune disease, severe skin infection, pregnancy and lactation.

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