Intimate surgery enlarge and lengthen his penis or penoplasty

Nearly one in two men find his penis too small or too thin. This real complex is nicknamed the "locker room syndrome" in reference to the complex feeled in the locker room.

What are the motivations for a penis surgery ?

For many men the penis represents their masculinity and a too small penis will be suffered as a weakness, a real complex, as can sometimes happen to women with small breast. The consequences will be felt in the daily life, with a lack of confidence, particularly in a relation with a woman, to the point of avoiding straight out intercourse.

Sometimes the inhibited man has yet an average penis.

A penis at rest measures in average between 7 and 11 cm. Its circumference is approximately 7,5 to 10, 5 cm.

What are the objectives of cosmetic surgery ?

Two types of interventions can be proposed: a penis enlargement and an increase in penis girth, sometimes both.
It is not just a question of improving sexual performance or the size of the erect penis but to provide a level of trust, a more "masculine" self-image.

What happens during the surgery ?

A surgeon uses a technique of his own and especially that adapts to the patient to get the best result.

Generally, for penis enlargement, the surgeon will cut the suspensory ligament of the penis, which will allow the penis to advance a few centimeters forward.
Please note that the size of the erect penis is not increased.

For enlargement, the surgeon will use the principle of lipostructure: he will proceed smoothly throughout the sex length and circumference to a previously prepared and purified fat autografting. The fat is not reabsorbed but behaves like any other fat: if you lose 15 kg, the result will degrade.

What are the postoperative courses ?

You have to rest and have a sexual abstinence during 1 month after surgery.

Sex is usually swollen and shows bruises that this will disappear approximately after 3weeks.

Good hygiene practices are essential.

What is the expected result ?

The results are difficult to predict before surgery, they depend on several factors, but in general the penis at rest gets longer about 2 or 3 cm and earns about 1 or 2 cm in circumference.

What are the possible complications ?

The technique is virtually risk-free but there may be side effects: Hematoma - Infection - Problems with wound healing – Irregular penile contours- Insufficient results.

Psychologically, the effects are real and significant, and often cause a real personal development.

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