Hands aesthetic medicine rejuvenate one’s hands with Radiesse®

Radiesse ® is a composed of microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite that comes to rejuvenate your hands. Radiesse is biocompatible and resorbable at 100%.

Radiesse and hands rejuvenation

Hands not only reflect your movements and your thoughts, they are also a mark of time.
This area is exposed to premature aging due to external factors (sun, tobacco, detergents ...)

The painless injection of calcium hydroxylapatite allows a lasting rejuvenation of the back of the hands, with filling of hollows, and skin hydration.

What happens during treatment?

Your surgeon injects you calcium hydroxylapatite using a thin needle. This injection is virtually painless.

The resumption of normal activities is possible the same day.

+ What is the type of anesthesia ?

The injections are not painful but it is possible to make a little local anesthesia.

+ How long is the treatment?

It only takes of a few minutes.

What is the expected result ? Is it immediate ? Permanent ?

The aesthetic results are fast and natural. Your hand has taken volume.

The effect lasts approximately 18 to 24 months.

Beautification treatment of the hands is easy and safe. You can combine it with other techniques such as a vascular laser to remove possible spots or also a peeling.

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