Doctor Philippe LETERTRE Plastic Surgeon qualified by the Medical college

Dr Letertre is registered physician with unrestricted fees and registered to the National Board of Physicians (IDENTIFIANT RPPS: 10004390182). He handles himself all services, from consultation to operation and its monitoring at medium and long term. When receiving you, Dr. Letertre’s purpose will be to listen, advise and inform you.

Dr. Philippe Letertre’s philosophy

The approach of aesthetic plastic surgery is a scientific and artistic approach. But the general practitioner can only be an artist because he needs a foundation of truth, security.


It is with a sensitive approach that we try to respond to a request for correction. This can be a discrete and natural result, a change in morphology, appearance and sometimes more extensive changes.


The consultation between patient and physician is a special moment when our listening is accompanied by proposals, advices, to guide the patient in his choices and his project: go back to be who he used to be, come back to the image he has of his body, or change ...



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