Breast cosmetic surgery invaginated nipples

The term of invaginated nipple is used when we wish to refer to a nipple that is inverted, retracted into the interior of the breast.

What are the motivations for invaginated nipple correction ?

Breasts, feminine attribute, are sometimes subject to anomalies such as nipples invagination.

This can cause an inability to breastfeed but also a discomfort or even a complex in some women.

What are the objectives of cosmetic surgery ?

Cosmetic surgery aims to provide answers to improve the quality of life desired and well-being of all.

The aim of the surgeon when correcting invaginated nipples is to allow them to finally protract to give harmony to your breasts.

Sometimes intervention will allow breastfeeding that was impossible before.

The invaginated nipple correction surgery

You will see an anesthesiologist during a consultation and you will receive pre-operative instructions to follow before surgery.

+ What is the type of anesthesia ?

Local anesthesia will be used.

+ What happens during the surgery ?

Nipple inversion is due to abnormally short galactophorous ducts hampering its externalization.

The surgeon will cut these ducts, with incisions of a few millimeters to allow nipple to exteriorate definitely.

So that there is no recurrence and ensure a stable result, two small strips taken from the areola are inserted, preventing thus a connection between ducts.

+ And the scar ?

There is a small and almost invisible scar between the areola and the nipple.

+ How long is the surgery ?

The procedure lasts about half an hour in average, under local anesthesia.

What are the postoperative courses ?

The hospitalization lasts one day.
The postoperative course cause little pain and decrease thanks to a light analgesic treatment.
A "modeling" dressing is set up.
Bruising (bruises) and edema (swelling) appear on the treated area. Resumption of Activities is fast.
Sport and great efforts are not recommended to you during the first week.
It is advisable to wait at least 1 year before pregnancy, to allow time to the nipple to recover its abilities.

What is the expected result ?

The objective of this intervention is that your breast find the harmony that could lack to it with inverted nipples turned inwards. The result is immediate and final. The scars fade and sensitivity reappears.

What are the possible complications ?

During the consultations with your surgeon all the possible complications will be detailed to you.

  • To inform you previously, here are the possible risks :
  • Unfavourable evolution of the scars : it will require a special treatment.
  • Infection : it will require an antibiotic treatment.
  • Alteration of nipple sensitivity : it is possible the first days but you will recover quickly your sensitivity.

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