Skin aesthetic medicine revitalize skin care with mesotherap

Mesotherapy for cosmetic purposes has in recent years become increasingly popular worldwide.


The technique of Mesotherapy originally practiced in various areas such as painful diseases, sports or stress medicine, dates from 1952.

It was developed by Dr. Michel Pistor. Its principle: "Injecting little, rarely, in the right place."

This allows having a better tolerance to drugs because of micro doses used and because they won’t spread across the body.

Aesthetic mesotherapy

In Aesthetic Medicine, Mesotherapy is effective for :

  • Contribute to skin rejuvenation (known as "Mésolifting"),
  • Reduce the orange peel appearance and circulatory problems.


The treatment will only be truly effective if practiced properly. It takes an average of ten sessions.

Revitalize skin

The Mésolifting is used on the face, neck, cleavage, as well as on the backs of the hands.
The objective is to feed the dermis and stimulate cell growth by treating it actively and not superficially.
Mesotherapy gives a real glow to the skin. It is ideal for revitalizing the skin when repairing skin tissue damaged by the aging process.
The skin is better hydrated and smoother.

Take care of orange peel skin

The product introduced directly removes the fat cells while acting on the poor venous and lymphatic drainage.

It is active in the elimination of water and blood circulation.

Ideally, this technique is for patients who do not have too much weight to lose but want to get rid of “superficial” cellulite.

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