Intimate surgery nymphoplasty or vagina’s small lips reduction

Intimate surgery remains little-known but has existed for many years and is increasingly sought. Vagina’s small lips reduction (Nymphoplasty) is a commonly performed surgery and you shouldn’t feel ashamed in telling your doctor.

What are the motivations for a nymphoplasty ?

Women with vagina’s small lips hypertrophy (lips drooping and large) are often annoyed in their daily (irritation), sporting and sexual lives.
So these women express an aesthetic, physical and psychological discomfort.

What are the objectives of cosmetic surgery ?

The Nymphoplasty intervention consists in removing the excess portion of small lips to prevent rubbing, irritation and unsightly aspect.

What happens during the surgery ?

The surgeon reduces the small lips by removing excess skin and mucosa.
Today the incision and suturing techniques prevents friction and seeing the scar.

+ What is the type of anesthesia ?

The Nymphoplasty can be done under epidural or local anesthesia. General anesthesia is not an obligation for a Nymphoplasty, but is very often practiced.

+ And the scar ?

The scar remains discreet and Nymphoplasty new techniques have made great progress.
Healing is to watch carefully in this sensitive area of the body and requires a careful hygiene.

What are the postoperative courses ?

Hospitalisation lasts a day in general.
The postoperative courses are not very painful, even if walking is awkward the first few days.
A work stoppage can be prescribed according to your business activity.
The sutures resorb by themselves, there is no thread to remove.
Light clothing, cotton underwear and wearing a skirt are strongly recommended during the first days.
Sexual intercourse is possible when the healing is satisfactory, usually after 6 weeks.
After using the toilet, it is necessary to clean and dry lips conscientiously.
Be careful to dry thoroughly also after showering to prevent maceration.
Sport and great efforts are not recommended for the first 6 weeks, during the first healing period.
The scar, often pinky during the first 3 months, fades gradually over 6 to 12 months. This evolution depends only on the patient ability to heal.

What is the expected result ?

Your physical, psychological and aesthetic discomfort no longer exist because your vagina’s small lips have found a satisfactory size and shape.

What are the possible complications ?

During the consultations with your surgeon all the possible complications will be detailed to you.

To inform you previously, here are the possible risks :

  • Hematoma and bleeding can sometimes be observed and may require a new operation.
  • An infection, prevented by a strict pre-and postoperative hygiene until complete healing.
  • A change in sensitivity is possible and can disappear within months.
  • Thromboembolic accidents (phlebitis, pulmonary embolism), the most serious complication, are exceptional and precautions are taken to reduce risk.


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